Vera Singer, born in Berlin to a Jewish family in 1927, inevitably was to have a life shaped by World War II and its aftermath. As Nazi violence in Germany escalated, Vera’s family first emigrated to France and later to Switzerland, where Vera began her formative study of art. When the war ended, she relocated to Munich for further study, eventually returning to the eastern part of a divided Berlin. Her work shares some of the more recognizable features of German Expressionism – the urgent line, angular shapes, bold detail, and a preference for urban subjects. Vera’s mixed media paintings are studies of people in cafés, in the metro, and at home in a city landscape.

Woman with White Scarf



Woman with Long Necklace




Woman with Black Blouse




Woman with Blue Hoop Earring




Three Women


Woman with Green Earring





Woman with Bold Necklace




Woman with Green Hat




Woman with Blue Jacket




Woman with Pendant




Woman Reading



Woman with Hat and Purse