Now in its 25th year, Once In A Blue Moon began as a gallery focused on art and fine crafts. Over the years, contemporary jewelry in all its diversity has come to occupy a more central place in the collection.

The jewelry is created by both established and emerging artists who distinguish themselves by their inventiveness and their use of unconventional materials such as acrylics, rubber, paper, PVC, and fiber,
as well as silver, gold, and traditional gemstones.

We believe that the value of a piece has as much to do with the quality of its composition and construction as it does with the cost of its materials. Be prepared to be surprised by this major destination for jewelry enthusiasts.

For those looking for clothing and accessories, we carry an outstanding selection from designers such as Baci, Heyne Bogut, Elemente Clemente, Kusa Kanmuri, Luukaa, Mieko Mintz, Moyuru, NoBlu, Olbrish, Wilt, YaccoMaricard, and others.

Perhaps not surprisingly, since Once In A Blue Moon was created around the concepts of art and design, we also carry select art objects.






Malcolm Morris
Tia Keobounpheng
Caroline Finlay